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For unlimited F2,E7 visa issuance, contact separately for the enterprise plan.


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The first membership service for international stdents in Korea


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What’s good about housing? see more

International students face difficulties in getting housing due to required paperwork. HireVisa+ with AIRD can simplify the process with the "AIRD Early-bird" coupon allowing for a smooth move-in to AIRD.

More about mobile plan see more

The lowest market price for unlimited mobile plan in Korea is $16 per month. With $10 off coupon, use high-quality unlimited mobile plan(data, phone call, messages).

Free custom cash card see more

Getting a credit card in Korea requires RC and takes about 2 months. HireVisa+ membership provides a commission-free card that can be used immediately and even customized with a favorite artist's picture.

Tips to get job information see more

Understanding Korean job recruitment announcements and visa issuance can be challenging. HireVisa+ offers its members a reliable list of jobs for international students, including special counseling, all for free.

Call taxi simply by APP see more

In Korea, people use app-based taxis but without RC, sign-up is not possible. HireVisa+ members can make taxi account for free during the RC issuance process (usually 2 months) and receive a $5 off coupon for airport taxi.

Visa care only for you see more

Visa problems (extension, status change) are common after arrival in Korea. HireVisa+ membership offers free fast visa counseling and priority at offline events. Working visa issuance also has a 50% discount for members.

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HireVisa+ is a data-driven membership service, which means that all of our benefits and upcoming coupons are tailored specifically to meet your needs.


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